Your Polaroid is not dead!

Thanks to “The Impossible Project” and 10 former employees of the Polaroid Company who have reinvented what was once a classic art form in the world of photography.  Their is something truly unique and artistic about images produced by a Polaroid camera and when the company finally folded, it was a great loss to those who recognized that medium as extraordinary.

PX-FilmThe Impossible Project was born. The reality was, the original colour dyes were now gone and the ability to reproduce them was also gone. So the entire process had to be reinvented and needed to start from scratch.  It took thousands of tests and experimentation and a full year of tireless research but the end result is astounding.  Although it seems like a step back in time, it has ignited an art form long lost due to technology steam rolling over everything dated in it’s path.

RefurbishedCamerasThankfully, your old Polaroid has a second chance at life and the world can enjoy some captivating images that only this media can render.

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IIL_5And for the techie folks who is teetering on the fence of digital and that tangible print in their hand, IMPOSSIBLE has been working on an answer for you as well. It was launched from a”kickstarter campaign” to develop the “Impossible Instant Lab” for your iPhone. Now you can transfer your iPhone photos to a Polaroid print in seconds.

The truth is, this isn’t for everyone. It’s expensive compared to your local digital lab but the adventure is in the creation. Polaroids were always unpredictable yet what they rendered are slices of time that were instantly converted into art.  For the warm and fuzzy artistic photographer, or anyone wishing to use their old Polaroid just one more time, The Impossible Project is good news.

Here is a great historical review of Polaroid and the cutting edge mind of it’s inventor Edwin Land.  It is presented by Christopher Bonanos as a trailer to his book “Instant, The story of Polaroid”

Book trailer for INSTANT: THE STORY OF POLAROID by Christopher Bonanos from Princeton Architectural Press on Vimeo.


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