The Graphic Mill is in the process of developing a Marketing Mastery training program.  There is no shortage of people teaching you all about Marketing, and there are some great teachers out there. We have been through plenty of programs and attended outstanding events over the years and there is always one thing missing. It’s the “how”!   And this is what we specialize in!

Our Marketing Program is designed to teach you all the psychology and philosophy behind effective marketing. It will also teach you a solid marketing program that you must have in place in order to gain any recognition on line and to have any hope of turning your site into a valuable and essential part of your marketing. And the program goes one step further that no one else cares to cover… It teaches you “HOW”.

Included in our Marketing Mastery course is a clearly defined web program and the step by step instructions on how to implement that.  There is power in knowledge, we all know that.  This program teaches you the What, Why and HOW.  You will then have the power to implement this program yourself, or you can confidently contract this marketing strategy outline to your web people and know exactly what you’re talking about. No surprises, and no deviation form a solid plan that works.

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