The process of Marketing and getting your world out to the world has never been easier but getting scene or heard in the market has never been harder. If you are trying to push your product or services out into the world, let us teach you some of the most valuable and insightful ways to do it. 

Every successful business has the same common denominator. They build trust and rapport between their client and themselves and they provide solutions to their clients problems or desires.  It sounds simple but with thousands of others all trying to attract clients, the world has become a marketing jungle.  You know yourself that you are bombarded with marketing material every minute of the day.  Yet, there are specific techniques and approaches to build your core strengths and connection with your prospects, and if you don’t know them, you’re just another fish in the sea.  The GraphicMill is a member of the Experts Industry Association where the top marketing gurus share their best practices, their approaches for trust-building and how to get paid for your expertise.  It is all based on “teaching” rather than “selling”, and there is a huge difference between the two. Let’s face it, the best selling professionals know that the more they can educate and enlighten their client, the easier it is to sell them a service or product they understand. So, selling really is about teaching

The Relationship Marketing weekend workshop teaches you the best practices and insights of the worlds finest experts in the field of product marketing, information delivery and business growth. Here is what we cover:

• A complete overview of the Relationship Marketing model.
• How to understand what your audience wants and buys
• Positioning yourself as an Expert in your business or service.
• How to Own your market!
• Why some Gurus fail and others win
• How to build a website that promotes your message, but more important, sells and collects leads!
• Producing pre-sales marketing material that sells for you, while you sleep
• Understanding autoresponders and the value in evergreen marketing
• Creating true value in the eyes and hearts of your prospects
• Building rapport by sharing your best and most valued information and insight
• Understand and surpass your own inner limiting beliefs and strengthen your ability to step forward and claim your contribution to that market place.

A two day event – Date to be determined
Howard Johnsons, Markham
Includes: Workbook and all Key Slides from workshop powerpoint.

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