About Us

Hello, I’m David Wilson, owner and operator of The Graphic Mill where we provide unique marketing solutions.  Working with some of the finest and most prestigious organizations in the country, to small and local businesses, it’s been a pleasure to have helped them all achieve their goals. Since 1977, we have continually reinvented ourselves over and over again to accommodate our clients and address the ever changing world of visual and relationship marketing needs. What was once old, is still old, when it comes to presenting your products and services. But there is something new to this story….

We all know the constant barrage of advertising that hits your prospects and it always requires the use of different and unique ways to deliver your benefits and solutions to attract attention.  What is always needed are dynamic people who are ready to press forward and provide new solutions to address the same old challenges. This is why you need to be on the cusp of new opportunities in message delivery and ways to engage your clients. We use what we know to be the cutting edge services and techniques that are relevant and working at this time, while we monitor and learn the bleeding edge of possibilities. Over the past three decades, so many marketing methods have come and gone, only to be replaced with something new. For us, it’s been an exciting time to grow and interact with all that has unfolded.

What does that mean for you? We have seen, tried and experienced a great deal of what the marketing world has to offer, and today, we are proud to be stepping into yet another phase of the continual evolution of marketing for business growth and development.  You will find in this website new and proven systems of marketing your products and services. Simplification and clear delivery of valued content to your clients is our mission.

More than ever before, selling is now about “teaching”.  Teach, teach, teach a potential client all that you know about solutions to their problems or desires. Do that and you will have a customer for life.  Step into the role of Leadership with your product or service by teaching your prospects all that they need to know to make an educated decision. Our goal is to bring your level of awareness up to the opportunities available to you. Position yourself as an expert in your field and provide your clients all they need to know in solving their issues or challenges.

Remember, you will only get what “you want” once you have provided the service to help your client get what “they want”.  So let’s get servicing…

AboutUs_DavidDavid Wilson
Starting in 1977 as a retail environment illustrator and artist, soon became a graphic and marketing provider for many businesses in Toronto including clients such as the Hyatt Regency Hotel in fashionable YorkVille  to Corus Entertainment, one of the largest media conglomerate’s in this country. From TD Bank, Canada Trust, Brewers Retail, Mercedes Benz Canada and dozens of other corporations, charities, manufactures and service providers.  Yet the list is not nearly as important as what we can do for you.
I am now stepping into a slightly different role in all of this and want to help you interact with your clients and build a true relationship with them that is far more personable and beneficial for all concerned.

Margaret Tilling

AboutUs-MargaretMargaret has been the Rock of Gibraltar behind my artistic nature. I have to give credit where credit is due… I could not, nor would I choose to, do this work without her. She has the stamina and dedication like no one I know.  There are countless clients, and I mean countless, who hold Margaret in very high regard for her abilities to pull everything together and provide a clean, organized and collected version of whatever crap has been thrown at her.  Thank you and God bless you!  Together, we complete an incredible circle of talent and we both share the deep desire to do the very best job possible for those who are wise enough to let us ‘do what we do’. Margaret has been instrumental in everything we have accomplished and I hope to see us do even more monumental things in the future.  She is also a life saver for many large projects that need her ability to dive in and make things happen, , The Toronto Jewish Film Festival is one of those organizations who knows the value of this woman and have kept Margaret in the inner circle for many many years,

Our Associates
The world of graphics and marketing has changed so much in the past decade that we no longer need our once prized 5,000 square foot, two story studio. We also no longer need a half dozen employees and a brick and mortar setting. We now work with the best, anywhere in the world. And why wouldn’t we?  We use trade services from all over the country and we also deal with clients in other countries who we have never met.  The world has changed, the ability to connect is easier than ever, we can supply services and products for anyone, anywhere.   Let’s just say, after over 30 years in this industry, we have great connections.

I invite you to use them.