4K Video and the Panasonic GH4

Hi Photo Buffs,

If you ever consider buying a new camera, you should really watch this review by Dave Dugdale of the Panasonic GH4.  I know it may be a departure from what you have come to know in digital cameras but this is where the newer cameras will be heading. The onset of 4K capture is huge and the quality is outstanding.  Video capture as high as 4096 x 2160. (Compare that with our current HDTV which is 1920 x 1080)  The image quality is crazy sharp which gives an editor so many more creative options when it comes to editing.  This may not mean much to you  unless you have an interest in capturing really outstanding video footage (and images) and also have so much more you can do in post production.

It’s all relatively new and exciting, but are their some issues?  Of course. There are always issues with every single camera on the market.  These cameras are new and there are things that will need to be addressed but the bottom line is, this camera is really outstanding and a great indication of what is on the horizon.  Even this model will make cameras such as the highly regarded Canon 5D Mark III totally obsolete very very quickly.  (In fact, basically already has)

Sadly, in this review, Canon gets bashed-to-death with their current camera line and their philosophy.  Panasonic has turned into a major contender in the digital camera world and their drive to bring incredible quality, outstanding features and truly affordable pricing is scary… especially if you’re a Canon user (or for Canon as a company).  The reality is, this is why you are seeing so many guys dumping all their gear on Kijiji… they are likely all heading over to the 4K world and choosing either Panasonic or Sony as their new camera provider.

That being said, any Canon fan can only pray that Canon see’s the light and addresses this fast growing migration and does something truly remarkable.  But the reviewers are not seeing this trend and Canon said themselves that they are not really all that interested.  The underlying reasoning is speculated to be that Canon don’t want to cannibalize their own high-end Cinema line cameras by bringing out affordable cameras that shoot just as well.  But, just as in all technology, if they don’t they’ll be in big trouble very soon.

The advantages of 4K video are tremendous.  Video footage panning, zooming, super sharp still captures are all very easy to do with such a large image to work with.  The GH4 camera has many features that we all wish we had in our current cameras, including focus peaking, zebra stripes, up to 96p at 4K for beautiful slow-motion footage, built in time-lapse and so much more.  Panasonic’s agenda is to fix any issues through firmware updates and keep charging forward with new and better features in their follow up cameras.  The GH4 has kicked open a door that Canon and Nikon have tried desperately to contain for years, so they could slowly feed us the features one camera model at a time… Panasonic said “Screw it, here ya go, go crazy and create outstanding work… for less!” 

Dave Dugdale’s full review is very long (45 minutes) but at the beginning he offers a “Conclusion” hyperlink that allows you to skip to the end. If, after watching that conclusion, you’re intrigued to know more, go back and watch the entire thing. It shows you what is outstanding about this camera and also the short comings and how to address them.  This camera is the beginning of a new era of cameras and what this model does offer is really quite amazing in every area.  It’s small, inexpensive and extremely powerful.  I can’t wait to see where they go to from here!  (Damn technology!!!)