The video above is by Scofield Editorial out of Indianapolis
We love their creativity and this story rings true for most business'
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About Us

Hello, I’m David Wilson, owner and operator of The Graphic Mill where we provide unique marketing solutions.  Working with some of the finest and most prestigious organizations in the country, to small and local businesses, it’s been a pleasure to have helped them all achieve their goals. Since 1977, we have continually reinvented ourselves over and

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Marketing Strategies

There is no question that marketing your products and services needs to undergo a more effective strategy.  Yes, some things are still working but let’s be honest, we all know that what used to work well is no longer working. Their is no more fooling anyone, most people out there feel the same thing and yet, there are better ways to market than what you are doing now.

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The process of Marketing and getting your world out to the world has never been easier but getting scene or heard in the market has never been harder. If you are trying to push your product or services out into the world, let us teach you some of the most valuable and insightful ways to do it. 

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